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Libec SWIFT JIB 50 Heavy Duty Jib Kit

Libec JIB 50 Features:

  • A truly portable system
  • Perfect for home, studio and in the field
  • Designed to be versatile and adaptable to users
  • Jib is smooth, portable, lightweight, and offers all-around support


Libec SWIFT JIB 50 Heavy Duty Jib Kit

The SWIFT JIB 50 Heavy Duty Jib Kit is a truly portable system, at home in the studio and in the field. The Jib50 has been designed to be versatile and adaptable to users’ needs: a remote control box, monitors and a remote head can all be fitted to the jib with minimal effort. Like the Jib30, the Jib50 is quick, compact and dynamic. It can be set up in minutes, hence its name – Swift Jib.

This SWIFT JIB50 is equipped with a telescopic arm that can be easily adjusted by simply turning and adjusting the arm’s lock levers. In addition, the jib can be retracted at both ends.

This SWIFT JIB50 is smooth, portable, lightweight, and offers all-around support. It is designed to accommodate every shooting scenario including small indoor and outdoor spaces for detailed and wide-angle shots.

Together with our REMO30 Pan & Tilt Remote Head and AFC-5HD Zoom and Focus Controls, you can achieve and master smooth operations having complete control of your video shots. At extended lengths, the SWIFT JIB50 and REMO 30 will help the operator achieve high-angle dynamic shots while perfecting delicate camerawork operated from the front of the jib.

A stand-out feature of this model is its telescopic arm. Rather than fixing on extension units, a time consuming and often fiddly process, Jib50’s arm simply extends by turning the lock levers. Despite this additional mechanism, the Libec jib is still able to support considerable loads. Even fully extended at 190cm, it can still hold a 10Kg load, as much as many other systems can manage at a metre length. At its shortest setting – 100cm – it has the build quality to hold an impressive 20Kg of equipment. This strength and adaptability makes the product a highly versatile piece of equipment.

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Payload 1. 20kg / 44.0lb (Main arm length : 100cm / 39.5″)
2. 15kg / 33.0lb (Main arm length : 145cm / 57.0″)
3. 10kg / 22.0lb (Main arm length : 190cm / 75.0″)
Main arm length 100 to 190cm / 39.5″ to 75.0″
Weight 16.4kg / 36.1lb
Ball diameter 100mm

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