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CANARE L-5CFB CABLE Black (Reel of 200m)

Product Features:

  • Centre wire: 0.65mm (L-3CFB), 1/0.8mm (L-4CFB), 1/1.05mm (L-5CFB), plain copper
  • Dielectric: Foam polyethylene, 3.1mm (L-3CFB), 3.7mm (L-4CFB), 5.0mm (L-5CFB), OD
  • Screen 1: Aluminium foil, 100% coverage
  • Screen 2: Tinned copper braid
  • Jacket: Soft PVC 5.5mm (L-3CFB), 6.1mm (L-4CFB), 7.7mm (L-5CFB) OD, various colors
  • Nominal impedance: 75 ohms
  • Capacitance (nom.): 55pf/m
  • Velocity ratio (nom.): 0.79



75 ohm cables designed specifically for digital video applications. L-4CFB is RG59 type, L-5CFB is RG6 type. Semi-matt non-reflective PVC jacket. Double screened, foil plus braid. L-5CFB handle signals from DC to 3GHz, thus covering uncompressed HDTV signals right up to 3Gbits/sec (SMPTE424M). Blue jacket is designed to work with chroma-key. A range of colors is available to special order, allow 4 weeks for delivery (supplied as full reels of 200 metres only).


Technical Specification:

Cable size group: L-4CFB is group Q. Other types are not listed in Canford group tables – for suitable BNC connectors, see Canare BNC connectors.

Centre wire: 0.65mm (L-3CFB), 1/0.8mm (L-4CFB), 1/1.05mm (L-5CFB), plain copper
Dielectric: Foam polyethylene, 3.1mm (L-3CFB), 3.7mm (L-4CFB), 5.0mm (L-5CFB), OD
Screen 1: Aluminium foil, 100% coverage
Screen 2: Tinned copper braid
Jacket: Soft PVC 5.5mm (L-3CFB), 6.1mm (L-4CFB), 7.7mm (L-5CFB) OD, various colours
Nominal impedance: 75 ohms
Capacitance (nom.): 55pf/m
Velocity ratio (nom.): 0.79
(dB/100m ±0.1dB): 10MHz 135MHz 270MHz 750MHz 1.5GHz 3GHz
L-3CFB: 3.7 11.7 16.7 29.1 43.0 64.5
L-4CFB : 3.0 9.7 13.9 24.3 36.0 54.3
L-5CFB : 2.2 7.1 10.2 17.7 26.1 39.1
Weight/100m: 4.3kg (L-3CFB), 5.0kg (L-4CFB), 7.3kg (L-5CFB)
Reel length: 200 metres (some types also available 100 metres)
Cut lengths: Not available

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