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Canare L-4E5AT Star Quad Microphone Cable (656’/200 m, Black)

Product Features:

  • 100% Aluminum Foil Shield Coverage
  • Easy Assembly
  • Solder Iron Meltdown Resistant
  • Cross Linked PE Insulation

Canare L-4E5AT 200M BLK Overview

The Canare L-4E5AT Star Quad Microphone Cable (656’/200 m, Black) is specifically designed for point to point wiring in fixed installations. The cable is a 22 AWG narrow profile and provides 100% coverage aluminum foil shielding. Featuring an easy-to-pull PVC jacket with an internal Dupont Kevlar 29 cable filler that’s stronger than steel, it can resist stretching or kinking of wires when pulled through conduit bends. Foil shield & drain wire can be stripped easily for quick assembly. It features an irradiated PE conductor insulation that resists solder iron meltdown.

  • Rejects electro-magnet and radio frequency interference
  • Built in Dupont Kevlar 29 cable filler
  • Aluminum foil shield, 100% coverage
  • Drain wire for easy connection
  • Cross linked PE insulation
  • Reduced handling noise


Canare L-4E5AT 200M BLK

Applications Microphones, permanent installations, audio rack wiring, and PA systems
Outer Diameter Nominal: 0.244″ (6.20 m)
Nominal Jacket Thickness 0.047″(1.20 mm)
Type: PVC
Number of Conductors 4 (2 blue & white)
Insulation Thickness IPE : 15.7 mm
Conductor AWG (AC): 23
12/7.09 quantity/mm)
Cross Sectional Area: 481 mm2
AWG (Quad): 20
Pitch Twist Quad 0.99″ (25 mm)
Shield Coverage 100% aluminum tape
Conductor D.C.R. <19.4 Ω/1000′ (<6.4 Ω/100 m)
Nominal Capacitance Between Twin Blue and White Conductors: 46 pF/feet (150/m)
Between Conductors to Shield: 64 pF/feet (210 pF/m)
Nominal Impedance 37 Ω
Nominal Attenuation 0.6 V/1000′ (0.2 V/100 m)
Group Delay Time 1.68 ns/1000′ (5.5 ns/100 m)
Brittle Point -22F° (-30°C)
Length 656′ (200 m)
Weight 23 lb (10 kg)
Packaging Info
Package Weight 16.75 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 11.4 x 11.2 x 7.1″

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