Kino Flo LVR-Z490-P 90° ParaZip 415 Louver

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LVR-Z490-P Features:

  • Tunnels Light and Controls Light Spill
  • Reduces Need for Barndoors
  • Replacement Item



Kino Flo LVR-Z490-P Overview

Designed for the Kino Flo ParaZip 415 Fixture, this 90° Louver adds directionality to the light output and helps to control spill, reducing the need to use barndoors. Providing a 90° beam angle, this louver concentrates the light in a similar way to the barndoors and produces a slightly oval-shaped beam with a hot center that tapers off to a soft edge. This item is a replacement louver for the one originally included with the fixture.


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