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    Wondlan Aluminum Stabilizer, “Pegasus” is a domestic camcorder stabilizer which supports nearly all domestic camcorders and HD camcorders but still retains the most convenient adjusting way. The Pegasus is compact, easy to set up, easy to adjust and easy to control. It incorporates aviation grade aluminum components and is one of the lightest small camera stabilizers in the world. This greatly eases the physical workload and enables professional film and video makers to shoot steadily for long periods of time.


    (1) Bi-Directional Platform Fine Adjustment SystemThis unique design makes Pegasus DV Stabilizer the one with quickest balancing and most convenient using in the world.

    (2) Universal Dynamic Self-Balancing System The gimbal technology is widely used in industries like space navigation, aviation, automobile. train, ship and large machinery, etc. This exquisite design from Wondlan engineers makes such sophisticated technologies applicable for families.

    (3) Balancing Bracket (Support Arm)Ares balancing bracket is made of special light aero aluminum. Its two-link u-shaped arm and hollowed design solve the swaying caused by the wind drag of its counterparts. By accurate calculating, repeated measuring and a number of experiments, design engineers of Wondlan concluded that the u-shaped arm can achieve accurate dynamic balance easily by simple adjusting, which greatly reduces the time for mounting and adjusting.

    (4) Hand-Held Damping System This system mainly uses war-class high-intensity alloy springs. Wondlan’s exclusive patented design of hand-held damping and balancing greatly absorbs shakes in shooting; together with the bi-directional platform, it makes the perfect combination, allowing you to achieve the best stability.

    (5) Weights High-class chrome plated multi combination weights, featuring wide applicable scope (applicable for 200g-1200g DVs), complete specifications (3 sets of weights), simple fine adjusting, convenient dismounting, etc.

    Simple Debugging Patented bi-directional platform fine adjustment system of Wondlan Pegasus Stabilizer can adjust center of gravity accurately in four directions, to achieve balance rapidly in 1-2 minutes, making it the stabilizer with quickest balancing and most convenient using in the world. Besides, the system has precise scales, as long as you remember the scale of first time of adjustment, you can balance the stabilizer at once according to the scale, so that the time for adjusting is zero.

    Lightweight, Easy to Take Pegasus Stabilizer’s full aluminum alloy body weighs only 0.7kg, making it one of the lightest stabilizers in the world. It is very convenient to carry in journeys. The dimensions of Pegasus are small, and the whole set including the product and the box weigh only 2.7kg, almost the same weight as a laptop.

    Fashionable Appearance Pegasus Stabilizer has four types with different colors, to cater to different aesthetic tastes of different people. All the types are fashionable and sporty, especially the Golden Pegasus with a luxurious and elegant looking, which can attract many glances for you.

    Exquisite workmanship, top grade quality Produced by international advanced CNC production line and incorporated surface treatment process of international advanced precision aviation-specific lens.

    Competitive price Pegasus Series realizes your dream of shooting with the world’s lowest price. Wondlan strikes camcorder enthusiasts? eyeballs with inconceivable low price, professional standard and effect, allowing each camcorder enthusiast to have a good shooting tool that can compare with Hollywood movie shooting masters?.

    Pegasus handheld stabilizer is a bit smaller than the Ares, and is very easy to take. It can hold cameras up to 2.1 kg, providing excellent shooting quality.

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