Eartec Simultalk 24G Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom with Slimline Headsets

    • Up to 450 Foot Range (137 Meters)
    • Super Lightweight Belt-Pack Transceiver
    • Rechargeable Battery & Charger Included
    • System Expandable with Additional Units

    The Simultalk 24G from Eartec is a wireless intercom system that enables two people to communicate freely in real-time, without having to push a button to talk, and without having to wait for the other person to stop talking before they respond. Single-sided Slimline headsets are included, which are often preferred by video camera operators (dual-sided headsets tend to get in the way when the video camera is mounted on the operator's shoulder).

    More people can be added to the Simultalk 24G system with the purchase of additional belt-packs and Eartec headsets. When more than two systems are operating, it is no longer a full-duplex system because only the designated "master" belt-pack can communicate freely with the "remote" belt-packs. When more than two belt-packs are in use, the remotes cannot hear one another, they can only push to talk to the master. Of course, this is not an issue when only two belt-packs are in use.

    Optional accessories are available that enable you to use the Simultalk 24G transceivers with wired communication systems from Telex, Clear-Com, and RTS. With the addition of the Eartec SLTi Interface, multiple 24G users can connect to these commonly used wired systems

    The Simultalk 24G is a useful intercom system for production work, houses of worship, or any setting that requires discrete wireless communication. This system is certified for worldwide use, so you don't have to worry about interfering with government or military communications systems at home or abroad.

    Lightweight belt clip transceiver weighs only 5 oz.
    Unobtrusive miniature antenna that doesn't tangle or protrude
    No license required for operation anywhere in the world (compliant with FCC regulations)
    Meets European, Australian, and British consumer safety health & environmental requirements
    All controls accessible from the belt-pack (volume control, talk/standby switch, and frequency dip switches)
    System Modulation Frequency Modulation
    Frequency Range 2.4 GHz Frequency Band
    Operating Range Up to 450 Feet (137 Meters)
    Tuning PLL Frequency Synthesizer
    Power 4.8 Volt NiMh Rechargeable Battery, 700mAH
    Battery Life Standby (70mA) = 10 hrs, Communication (150mA) = 5 hrs
    Charging Time 150mA / hours fast; 6 hours for full charge
    FCC License Does not conflict with FCC regualtions
    Output 50mV/m (FCC Part 15)
    Deviation 30kHz +/- 10kHz
    Modular Distortion <5%
    Sensitivity <-100dBm @12dB SINAD
    IF Bandwidth 180kHz
    Image Rejection >60 bD
    Controls and Indicators Off/Volume, Channel Selection, Full/Standby
    Connectors Headset, Power Charger
    Antenna Internal
    Dimensions 2.5 x 1 x 4.25" (63.5 x 25.4 x 107.95") W x D x H
    Weight 5 oz (0.141 kg)

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